On window dressing divided into narrative, commodity and commodity-story

How to spend money on window dressing

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oklahoma roofing By design showcases are open and closed. First - this is when a passer-through glass can see the whole store. This type is also called the Glass "to watch." Thus the buyer "admitted" into the store before he decides to enter or not to enter. The second type of windows - when the showcase of the hall separates the special partition and not visible to passers-by the "guts" of the store. On window dressing divided into narrative, commodity and commodity-story. Story - when the emphasis is not on goods store, and some invented scenes with different elements of decoration. Often these items are associated with a range of shops within the meaning of either some analogies. Trade showcases (counter) - the most common type when the window is set (not the whole, of course, but only a few sets) goods that are traded in store. Well, inventory plot - are, respectively, a mixture of products with some invented designer or artist storyline. For example, the alien mannequins in the window of a computer store are kept in the hands of new goods - laptops or doll Little Red Riding Hood with a basket of cakes from the bakery in the display case that this doll is, etc. In addition to this promotional showcases happen. This way if you completely replace windows in order to fulfill promotions (notices of discounts, sales, you receive the latest meeting, etc.) or on the eve of one or the other, in which case the holiday (in the main Newest years and 8 Lord) .Bolshe in general like windows (according to the latest faces, according to sample the capital) are made in shopping centers shalt since then has an uneven product and change collections. Occasionally these showcases a very distinguished fellow with a friend. Similarly, the principle, the main thing - to make proper focus in sales, and discounts. The degree of data bonuses report directly to the glass showcase colors from aerosol cans, glue made from the plate number, a piece of glass potuplyayut banners. A Look absolute sale meeting is usually followed reissued way: absolutely sized windows or intention to do with the purpose of this episode of advertising banners, or simply the investment of Merit (oily), and a whistle cause earlier data on the sale. In general, because, in any demonstration cell is dependent from that, what do you want to achieve with its support. Or demonstrate one or the other "cool" you have a shopping mall, or any, really make a showcase of "silent seller" .Chasto happens that heaped curious demonstration cell attracts travelers, making their onlookers, but not most. And sometimes the opposite - discreetly outlined mannequins draped in a product with price tags representing b, did not particularly attract the eye, but nevertheless affect the actual in those who are just interested in the product, and not in the lounging. Pre-determine the outcome, perhaps, does not work. Work usually requires a way of checks and failures. However, the number of data blunders may significantly reduce, placing formation showcases not the whole staff of the shopping center, and special designers and decorator (painter) with experience or merchandiser, or simply common people with imaginative education and decent flavor. By the way, according to the high-end art showcases in our country does not quite enough. Similarly, the principle, this proposal give or design studio, according to foreign institutions or advertising. However, last longer in general (just make sure Commerciale happened during the preparation of the material used) give the formation showcases only self-adhesive films multicolored, what really did not always considered best views.